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The jury in the Casey Anthony trial got to hear another jailhouse visitation video today.  This one was from August 3rd, 2008, when George Anthony visited Casey in jail, alone.

As I watched George's demeanor, he appeared to be a loving father and grandfather.  And Casey does not look like a frightened daughter who had been molested by him.  She appeared to be truly happy to see her supportive dad come to visit her.   You had to wonder... is this man really a sexual monster?  Did he really abuse Casey when she was eight years old?  Or is Casey just one really evil bitch?

In this video, we see a soft-spoken, caring George Anthony trying to make his daughter Casey feel better about the situation, coddling her, while still trying to get information from her.  He compliments her, he apologizes for being too tough as a father and swears to be a better dad.  In return, Casey tells him that he's the best dad and the absolute most wonderful grandfather Caylee ever had, but she never gives him any new information as to where Caylee might be.

George stresses to Casey how important it is to bring Caylee home.  He tries everything he can to find Caylee.  With hope in his voice, he tells Casey that as soon as Caylee is home, it's all going to be ok. Casey says tearfully that she knows everything will be ok, and that Caylee will come home, but stresses that she wants to be home when Caylee gets home.

George talks about the family becoming a member of the "Missing Child's" group, and tells Casey that material things don't matter; that finding missing children will now be part of their lives.

George, apparently believing Casey's previous stories, says that he knows Caylee is close and he can "feel" her.  He describes how each night he prays and looks at the stars and moon, and says "Caylee, Sweetheart... the moon, the stars and the sky.  Mommy loves you (George's voice cracks, Casey starts to cry), JoJo and CeeCee love you (George and Cindy) , Uncle E and Mowwy (Lee and Mallory) love you. Everybody, you know.  Everybody's doing everything that they can. Know that I'm doing every thing I can.  I would give my life for you and for her. This is destroying your mother.  She hurts so much. She feels so bad, she ... maybe we were all too domineering.  I wish I could have opened up to you more.  I can't go back. There are times I wished I could have listened to you more. But things are going to change.  I'm going to listen to you more".  (Casey's continues crying, wiping her tears with her handcuffed hands, saying "I know that Dad"& "It's nobody's fault").

(I'm sorry, but listening to George here, it just doesn't seem like a father who's been conspiring to cover up Caylee's death.  He just looks like a dad who's trying to get his bratty daughter to trust him and open up and tell him what happened to Caylee. JMHO). 

George then said: I'm going to ask you a question, and I know it's going to be a tough one.  
Casey hestitantly answers: "Dad..."
George continues: Would you speak to someone else about Caylee.
Casey stops crying, and says: I already answered that. I told you that I'd try to my best ability.
(Freeze-framing the video, we see George on the left side looking down, pensively considering how he's going to try to convince Casey that she should speak with his contact)

George: Well we've met someone, all I can tell you is that his name is Scott. We've met with him a couple of different days. He's a remarkable man. Yes, he's an authoritative with an agency, but he's very sympathetic and I really believe that you could have a great connection with him. I'd be willing to set that up.  If you want to have Jose there, that's fine. But you can also talk to someone without Jose there. 


Casey: I know I could do that, but things would be so much easier if I wasn't still here, if I was home.  I want you to understand that.  I mean that I feel that more every day.  All I want is Caylee home.  I want to be there when Caylee comes home.  I want to be there with our family when she comes home.  I don't want to have to wait 3 days, 4 days after that happens to see her again.

George:  Well believe me, Mom and I have done everything we can, financially, to help with this.  If we could do more, we would.  I've even reached out to some relatives and asked for help, and that's hard to ask.  

Casey: Dad, I understand that.

George: I want you to realize that everything that happened in your court stuff, that was already predetermined before you got there.  I'm sure Jose told you.

Casey: I knew that going into it.

George: Years ago, when I did the thing that I did, I don't want to go into this too deep, but  everything was already handled within a judge's chambers or within a conference area before you went into court. It's just the way it is. But just know that this is reality for us, for you, for our granddaughter.  For your daughter.  I wish there was something more that I can say and do. I would give everything for her, for you.  I really would.  Are you eating?

Casey: As much as I can.
George:  Where you're at, I know it's not the best stuff.  I know you like certain things. I realize that coleslaw and baloney, and maybe coffee and a donut or something like that is not a lot, but you have to keep yourself up.
Casey: I have been Dad. It's not easy. I'm doing what I can.

George:  Are you allowed to write, do you have pen and paper and stuff?

Casey:  It has to be supervised. I did with Jose last night.  That's another reason I want you to get together.  He left at midnight. That's why I want you to get together with him.

George: Oh we definitely will.  I reached out before I got here, tried to call him before I got here. I have something that I want him to give you.  I have a letter that I'm writing to you, just you. I know he's going to probably read.  There's also something from Annie, Lauren and something from Mandy.  We saw Lauren and Mandy, they drove all the way from Orlando to Daytona .  

The non-profit people who are helping, they're just, woo, unbelievable.  I would love you to work with them when you get out of here. George tells Casey how incredible her brother, Lee, is as a marketing genius, and that some non-profit companies would love to hire him.  He also states that he'd love Casey to become part of the non-profit organizations as well.


As the tape continues, George describes how compassionate the non-profit people are.  He describes for Casey how, when they asked him what Caylee liked, he referred to himself as "JoJo" and said that they had SpongeBob Squarepants in their library of videos.  He also described that once the video started to play, along with Caylee's picture, he started to cry, but then began to chuckle a bit, realizing how much Caylee would love to watch this video. 

George then goes on reiterating to Casey how they love her, saying "Realize that we love you, we love her. We want you home."

George then tries to slip in a non-threatening question/statement of "Whatever you can do to help us. Listen, we can go into protective custody. The agencies can all get together to come up with a plan." 

Casey, not falling into her dad's trap says: "I understand that."

George tries again, saying:  "We need all the cooperation that we can get". 

But Casey only responds with: "I can only do so much from where I'm at. I want to do so much more, but I can't. "

George mentions the upcoming bond hearing, and stresses that he hopes that Jose Baez isn't sacrificing Caylee, or Casey's rights in search of fame for himself.

Casey answers that she is certain that he's not.  His goal is to help her, she says.

Then George tells Casey that he never, from day one until now, ever wanted to cause her or Caylee any pain.  Casey responded that she knew that.  Then she complains about how the media and people outside of their family and friends are going to say what they're going to say.

George then Casey if anyone's threatened her, or their family. Casey's answer is that she doesn't know. She's locked up in jail, how could she possibly know if there are any threats.  He then tells Casey that the family is willing to go underground, into protective custody if it's necessary to get Caylee back.  Casey says that it's not necessary.

George asks Casey if she gets a chance to watch TV or read newspapers.  Casey is defiant in her answer, telling him she doesn't want to watch TV or read the papers because it's all bad stuff about her.  She complains about the People magazine article, which negatively focuses on her, instead of talking about Caylee.  When George tries to explain that it was his understanding that the article was going to be focused on finding Caylee, Casey tells him that people will lie to him and Cindy to get what they want.  They should not trust anyone!  (Hmm).  Casey continues her rant as says that her plan is to come home and "be stuck in the house".

Then George tells Casey how great of a mom she is, and that all her close friends agree with that.

George then explains how their lives will never be the same again.  And then he talks about how after Caylee is returned that they're all going to do the things that have been planned in the past.  Then he wanted to stress that he wouldn't force her to do anything if she didn't want to, of which Casey answered "You never have".

George asks Casey if she needs any money in her commissary, but she says that she's ok, that there's no reason to put any money in there since she won't be there much longer.  Then they talk about Casey's bible, how she has it next to her bed at all times.  

George, trying again, asks her if there is anything that she wants to tell him, but gets nothing.  She just says that it's good to hear about things that are happening.

Then Casey says, in tears, that she wants Caylee back, she wants to hear her laugh, and that her birthday is coming soon.  George tells her how he was asked what he wanted to get Caylee for her birthday, he answered that there was a red mustang car, that he'd love to see her driving around in it. Casey laughed in between sniffles and tears.

George then tells her how he's getting closer to Cindy these past days; they've been closer than they have been in many years.  He then talks proudly about all the billboards that are lit up all over Florida. They have magnetic signs on their cars. No money is spared.  He said that the photos of her are beautiful, but when you see her in person, her eyes, her personality, woo, she's so beautiful.  Casey agrees saying that she has the best of all of the four of them. (She sounds so convincing!).  He continues complimenting Casey, how she got her mom's good looks and determination.  Casey smiles, loving to hear these words from her father.  George then tells her that if he could switch places with her right now, he'd do it.  Casey said "I know you would".  

George then asks if there is any way to set up a phone account so that he could speak with her more often.  She said that she'd like that too, but had to look into it.

He then asks if she's ok in there. Casey said that it's ok for what it is, and that she's worried about Caylee and her parents.  George says that they're fine, they've lost weight, but they're going at it 24 hours a day, as much as they can.  

George said that he went into Caylee's room and wanted to bring something from her room to Casey, but he wasn't able to do that.  He continues to say that there's a lot of love for her from their family, and he misses her, and the Papa Jo squeeze.  Casey cries.

Then George apologizes for being "so tough".  Casey is in tears as she says that he wasn't so tough, that it was "tough love", and then said that she loved him, that he will always be her "buddy" as well as her dad

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