Thursday, June 2, 2011


After Casey Anthony's defense fought tooth and nail to keep them out, multiple jail visit videos were played for jurors today.  The defense lost that motion, along with losing their repeated motion for a mistrial.  It was not a good day for the defense... again.

As the videos played, the jury was transfixed.


One jail visit video tape showed Casey talking to her brother, Lee.  In the video, we see Lee trying to garner information from his sister as to where Caylee might be.  He takes notes as Casey gives him phony information to follow up on. Unfazed, Casey chuckles when Lee says that he doesn't "give a shit" about Jose Baez.  Casey gets agitated as she tells Lee that police of not listening to her, and that the information the media has been putting out is complete crap/garbage.  At one point, Casey tells her brother to "tell mom and dad that I love them".  How could someone who says that she was repeatedly and cruelly sexually abused by her father express sentiments of wanting to tell her father that she loved him.  Is that a blow to the defense?  Or will a therapist testify that she still loves him even though he did horrible things to her.


In jailhouse videos that show visits between Casey and her parents, we see a pair of loving parents who appear to believe that their daughter is telling the truth, and are seen basically begging her to give them as much information as possible.  At one point we hear George tell Casey: "Hey gorgeous, how are you doing?" for which she tearfully responds "I look like hell" and she cries.  George tells her that she can tell him anything, and Casey responds tearfully "I know that Dad".  He then says "I miss you Sweetie", for which she responds, crying: "I miss you too".  George then says:  "I wish I could have been a better dad and better grandpa".   Casey crying at this point tells George: "You've been a great dad and the best grandfather.  Caylee's been SO lucky".   Then we hear George telling Casey: "I want to take your pain away from you", and then: "I miss you sweetie".  He then asks if she'd be willing to speak with the FBI, for which Casey's response is she'll talk to anyone they want to bring to her (another lie).  George, thinking that she meant what she said, says "That's great, ok".  He appears sincerely concerned and completely humble as he tries to convince his beloved daughter Casey to give him as much information as possible to find Caylee.

When Cindy gets on the phone with Casey, she tries to get as much information about what Zenaida the nanny looks like, and Casey goes into great detail as to her having brown hair, normally curly but sometimes Casey lent her a straightening iron to make her hair straight, that Zenaida is 5'7" tall, etc.  We see Cindy writing down notes as Casey gives out information.

At one point, Cindy tells Casey that the reward for finding Caylee was up to $250,000, for which Casey immediately reacts with: "Hey, that's half my bail amount!".  Sheesh.

(No wonder Jose Baez fought so hard to keep these videos out of the courtroom, and also asked the judge to declare a mistrial.  This was another bad bad day for the defense).

Hoping to convince Casey to give him information, George appeared to play the role of the ultimate good cop.  I have to say that George does NOT look like a father who groped and molested a young Casey.  And he does NOT look like anyone who would have hidden Caylee's body after she'd drowned in the swimming pool.  I hope jurors see that too.  


Anthony family attorney, Mark Lippman, wanted to explain for people something that the defense keeps harping about, which was his reaction during Cindy's frantic 911 call.  Mark said that during that 911 call, when Cindy Anthony was on the phone with police and cries out to him that Caylee is missing, that when George heard that he went into his prior police officer mode, to try to get control of the situation and start getting facts to find out where Caylee was.  It was not a sign in any way that George already knew that Caylee was dead, and had helped cover up her death.  That makes sense. I hope someone explains that to the jury in this trial.


Looking at Casey in court today, as she's watching the jail visit videos, I saw a real sociopath.  She's so cold, evil-looking.  Casey Anthony is a sociopath career criminal.  She appears to have created her own reality and won't come out of it.   I believe that Casey is psychotic and calculated.  She's narcissistic and just plain evil.

My theory is that I believe that Casey used Xanax (aka Zannys) in small doses to get her to sleep while Casey partied.  Then in early March 2008, she saw Ricardo Morales' MySpace posting about "Win her over with chloroform" and then looked up on Google how to make chloroform.

Possible motive for Casey to have murdered Caylee is that she was jealous and envious of Caylee.  Caylee had something that Casey wanted and couldn't get for herself.  Caylee had George's and Cindy's love, affection, money and attention.  Remember that Casey didn't want to get a job.  She just wanted to loaf around the house all day long and Cindy and George had shifted their attention from Casey to Caylee.  And that just made Casey angry and envious because she wanted all those resources.

Casey may have had a great relationship with her daughter at times, as long as she felt that she possessed her/owned her and if it appealed to a narcissistic ideal of her being a fantastic mother.  But the minute Caylee interfered with all those resources from Cindy and George, Casey flipped out.  Homicide is something that usually occurs within attachment systems, because it's in our most intimate attachments that the feelings get stimulated which can create homicide: resentment, jealousy, envy. You have something I want and I'm going to take it from you.  That's how I understand the situation.

Many people ask, how did Casey Anthony get to be this way? So hostile to her parents, pushing them around.  Lying and stealing at a drop of the hat.  Family therapist Bethany Marshall said that the reason is that it doesn't come from being raised in a bad home.  It comes from having an anti-social personality disorder, which is reckless disregard and lack of concern for the rights and safety of others.  Failure to pay back the debts of society.  Lying, conning, manipulativeness, parasitic behavior and promiscuity.  Research shows that its genetic AND the experiences with their family.


Jurors have been watching these videos with intense attention.  There are times when they have been seen glaring at Casey.  One juror was seen rolling his eyes as Casey kept lying to police.

The juror who said in pretrial jury questioning that she couldn't judge people, it was reported that she stared at Casey the most out of all the jurors.

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