Thursday, March 24, 2011


It's 11am pst and the case against Casey Anthony is in full swing.  The Florida state Prosecution attorney is interviewing an expert forensic witness (Dr. Vass), who is explaining, in very scientific detail, how the "air of death" tests are conducted.  He explained how syringes of air were taken, from Casey's car trunk, and analyzed. Moving forward, was his testimony of doing some analysis on squirrel decomposition.   I'm guessing that the dead squirrel smell test was done cuz Casey told people that the death smell was probably from a dead squirrel, that had been stuck in the grill of her car's hood.  Dr. Vass testified that he did a test to compare the smell of human decomposition and that of a dead squirrel.  He expressed his surprise that  there wasn't any decomposition smell associated with a dead squirrel.  He alluded that perhaps the squirrel's "fur" possibly diffused the stink? He's not sure.  I'm not sure.  And the testimony continues...

I think that the best analogy Dr. Vass made, for us laypeople, of how the smell of death smells, he talked about how, when you come in contact with the smell of a skunk, that smell is recognizable and intense.  He further stated that the smell of death is along that line and not similar of the smell of garbage and such.

Now he's testifying about stages of decomposition, fatty acids, and now... that he found the remnants of chloroform, which he said was also found in Casey's trunk (it's all in his report, he says).

Final question to Dr. Vass, from the prosecution, was to explain how he first reacted when he approached Casey's car to start doing his tests.  He said that he "jumped back about two feet" cuz the smell was so intense.

It's now 11:30am pst., and it's Casey's defense's turn to question the Dr. Vass.  As Jose Baez, Casey's lead defense attorney, begins his questioning, we hear "Objection!"from the prosecution. "Sustained" by the judge. "Objection!"again by the prosecution, "Sustained" ... on and on as Jose Baez tries to question the witness.  Jose is not doing a good job with his attempts to discredit Dr. Vass. What he is successfully doing is confusing the good doctor, and everyone else, with his aggressive, weird-ass line of questioning.  I don't understand what he's trying to get the witness to admit to.  But what I do know is that he's failing miserably, cuz the judge keeps sustaining all of the prosecution's objections.  And it's pissing me off cuz he's getting aggressive with Dr. Vass, who up till now has been very matter-of-fact and understandable (scientific, nerdy but understandable).  I think that Baez is trying to attack the nerdy science cuz he just doesn't know what else to do. Baez's former forensic attorney team member, Linda Kenny-Baden, would have been of so much help here.  But she's off the case now cuz there's no mo' money for her.  This is where Casey Anthony's trial and O.J. Simpson's differ in that O.J. had tons of money for great attorneys to get him off and Casey has none.  She's left with, um... a bumbling Baez.

And NOW, to make matters worse... Baez has pissed off the prosecuting attorney, Mr. Ashton.  The judge told Baez to keep it down, as Baez raised his voice against Mr. Ashton. Words of contempt flying. Judge is reprimanding Baez and Baez is against the wall.  Judge: "Why did you place that reservation in this document where all minds would be clear?  Someone might assume you would be waiting in ambush."  Baez... "These notes were significantly spoken to .... this is no surprise to Mr. Ashton...this is something that an intelligent attorney..he had a contempt file hanging over my head...we went over numerous statements...something I said in open court...he knew he could lock it in...".  Judge Perry: "Let me make myself abundantly was not contempt, I opposed sanctions, not contempt.  The word "contempt", the State and YOU utilized.  They are basically sanctions. But it looks like you are trying to rescind an agreement you entered into. Because if you knew what you knew back when you did this, that you were not going to honor that, then you could have simply written down... maybe you would not have come to an agreement.   Let me ask you this question? What do you propose to do with the documents?"  Baez: "I would like to question this witness about..." Judge Perry: "What does that have to do with the Frye issue?" and the judge goes to explain what a Frye hearing SHOULD be about to Jose Baez.  Baez asked for a 5 minute recess (to go shiver & compose himself in a bathrooms stall, me thinks).

Man oh man, this does NOT look good for Casey at all.   It looks like she probably murdered her little baby girl, Caylee, who was not even 3 years old.  That's the most horrible, unimaginable thing I've ever heard in my life.  Casey, you are going to go to prison!  I'm not sure if you're going to get the death penalty, but you are definitely going to prison... I think.

Let's take a moment and pray for Caylee.

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