Friday, March 4, 2011

Pretrial Hearings

On Friday, March 4, 2011, we saw the conclusion of three days worth of testimonies from people critical to the Casey Anthony case.  These people included Casey's parents, Cindy and George Anthony, Casey's brother, Lee Anthony and the lead detective, Yuri Melich.  A few other testimonies were also taken, but these were the critical ones.

After watching these testimonies, I'm starting to see how each side is going to work.  The prosecution appears to be all about getting to the truth, and the defense is all about throwing out the truth... I mean evidence.

What has shocked me is how police never read Casey her Miranda rights. Even at the time of her formal arrest (the 1st arrest for Child endangerment & 4 Counts of lying to police.   I don't know about the 2nd arrest yet).  I really hope there's a good reason for this.  Even more so, I hope that the judge does not throw out key evidence because of this. Or if he does, that the crucial evidence will be able to be entered into the trial for the jury to hear through a different way.

I'm sorry, but it looks like Casey Anthony killed her cute little daughter Caylee, and then partied like a wild single chick right afterwards.  Drinking & dancing at bars, playing house w/her new boyfriend, watching movies, getting a new tattoo reflecting her now Beautiful Life (Bella Vita), all the while remaining mum about her missing daughter (actually she was telling everyone that her missing daughter was find & with her nanny).  Now, her defense lawyers, Jose Baez & Cheney Mason, is trying to get all the evidence that shows her actions of doing this, thrown out.  I know that's his job, but it just pisses me off.

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