Sunday, March 20, 2011

Judge Rules In Favor Of Prosecution In Casey Anthony Case

Well my faith in the justice system has been restored.  After reviewing all of Casey Anthony's defense motions to throw out Casey's initial statements about her missing daughter, Caylee, have been DENIED.  This means that the Prosecution will be able to tell jurors about how unconcerned Casey was about her missing daughter, and how she lied and lied and lied to the police about where she last saw her daughter.  

Casey's defense argued that these statements should be thrown out due to the fact that Casey was never informed of her Miranda rights by the police during that time when they were asking about Caylee's whereabouts.

As per's website:  Chief Judge Belvin Perry issued his rulings Friday on motions from hearings earlier this month on whether jurors will hear the statements Casey Anthony made to investigators right after her daughter Caylee was reported missing.

Perry denied the motion (read it) to suppress statements that were made by Casey to George, Cindy, and Lee Anthony, as well as those made to pen pal Robyn Adams and correction's officer Sylvia Hernandez. The defense was fighting to have those statements blocked from the trial.
Defense attorneys had argued that her family members were acting as agents of prosecutors and detectives and the statements were obtained in violation of her right to an attorney. Prosecutors argued that her statements can be used, and the judge agreed.
"The judge's ruling has dealt a crippling blow to the defense of Casey Anthony," WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said.
Judge Perry also denied (read it) the defense's motion to suppress statements made to law enforcement. The defense team said Casey's Miranda Rights should've been read to her when she was questioned in mid-July 2008; they weren't because she wasn't a suspect at the time.

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Yup.  That's a blow to Casey's defense, that's for sure.  Whoops for her.  Yay for justice for Caylee.

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