Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Rumors are now flying around that Casey Anthony's defense team could decide to go after Casey's father, George Anthony, as little Caylee's murderer.  This could create doubt, in the mind of jurors, as to whether or not Casey murdered her daughter.  It could be the only defense strategy Casey's lawyers could use, with all of the circumstantial evidence they have against Casey.  Think about it... George was the last person to see Caylee alive, when he said he saw her leaving with Casey.  He was the last person to see what Caylee was wearing (other than Casey).  Add to that the fact that Casey has accused her father of sexual abuse, it could explain Casey's non-chalant behavior when discussing her missing child with police. Oh and let's add a little more grossness to this analogy and say that George sexually abused little Caylee as well.  And to that I say... WTF?!!

Are they kidding me?  Really?  Would someone in their right mind actually believe this?  Could this kind of defense fly? Framing George for Caylee's murder?

What's even sadder is that I could see George going along with that, in order to save his daughter from the electric chair.  

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