Monday, March 7, 2011


OMG, Cheney Mason is BORING!  As Casey Anthony's senior defense attorney (and 2nd in command), I was hoping to hear a more concise and to-the-point summary from Mr. Mason.  But NO... As I found out today, he is just as annoying as Casey's lead attorney, Jose Baez.  With Jose, I find myself wanting to poke his beady little eyes out.  With Cheney Mason, he just goes on and on, that I end up getting a headache and falling asleep.  Seriously!  I fell asleep during his argument. His monotone talk, with the occasional gravelly clearing of his throat, put me out... cold.

Do you know who Cheney Mason reminds me of?  He reminds me of that teacher in the Ferris Bueller movie, the one who talks in monotone, in such a boring manner that the kids in class are bored and falling asleep.

So Cheney gave me a headache and then put me to sleep.  Is this what we get to look forward to with the upcoming trial? Looks like it's gonna have a lot of snoozer moments.

The prosecution on the other hand, was very matter-of-fact and pointed out over 20 case rulings to combat the defenses' motions to throw out evidence.  I didn't listen to all of it cuz it sounded pretty much standard.  The judge appeared to know about several of them as well.  I'm hoping that this indicates that he's leaning towards tossing out the defenses motions & letting all the evidence into trial.

LOOK, the facts show that Casey was detained, and after 5 minutes released.  She was "detained" NOT "arrested".  There was no need to mirandize her cuz she was part of the investigation of finding her young daughter.  Right?!  And regarding her family members acting as "Agents of the State",  I believe that her parents were just as, if not more, anxious to question Casey about her daughter Caylee's whereabouts.  They never had a formal agreement to be agents for the state.  Therefore, the information gathered by them, from Casey, should not be thrown out either.

And if you still have doubts about whether Casey killed her daughter Caylee, you should listen to the very 1st phone call that Casey made to her mother Cindy, from the Jail.  In this recorded conversation, you can hear how callous Casey is about wanting to talk to her boyfriend.  She lets it slip out that she's resentful that everyone's concern about her missing daughter.  When she catches herself, she adds that that is her intention too.  Then she slips back to being a bitch when her girlfriend starts to cry about the possibility that something bad has happened to little Caylee.  With hearing her friend crying, Casey angrily states that the call was "a waste...just give me Tony's number".  Now there's a true glimpse inside the dark, empty soul of this 22 year old witch, Casey Anthony.

Well now we have to wait 2 weeks to hear what the Judge will (or will not) allow as evidence in this trial. ARGH!

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