Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Casey Anthony Defense Witnesses

I listened to a news story that talked about some defense witnesses for Casey Anthony.  They included some biologists/scientists who claim to refute the prosecution's scientific evidence, such as the cadaver dogs "hitting" on areas where young Caylee Anthony's body was probably placed (in Casey's car trunk & Casey's parents' backyard area near Caylee's playhouse).  There's also some defense expert who is trying to  also refute the timeline of when Caylee's body was placed in the swamp area near Casey's home.

Law experts say that this is common, for the defense team to find their own experts, so that the prosecution's experts' testimonies will become questionable.

It all just gives me a headache.  I say "lock up Casey Anthony & throw away the key".  I'm not too keen on the death penalty for her...yet.  I may change my mind once I hear more from the prosecution during trial.

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