Friday, March 25, 2011

CASEY ANTHONY FRYE HEARINGS (My thoughts & opinions)

As I watch the raw video footage of the K9 expert witness (aka police officer),  Casey Anthony's lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, asks the officer if he noted in his training logs that the K9 dog was ever trained using "double blind" methods.  Double blind meaning that both the officer AND the K9 dog were uneducated as to where the training cadaver items were buried.  Officer's answer is No.  Reason, the officer continued, is that it's generally accepted that 1) the K9 NEVER knows where the hidden cadaver objects are, and 2) the officer usually doesn't know either.  But that isn't good enough for Baez.  He's trying to get us to believe that if it's not written down, in the officer's training log, as being "double blind",  it should be thrown out.

Jose: "No documentary evidence that you conducted double blind testing on the dog other than your memory...  My question to you, it's fair to say that the integrity of these training logs are critical..."

Officer responds that there were witnesses, other officers, trainers, an Andy Redmond (head trainer), instructors that he didn't personally "queue" a dog to find cadaver sites during these K9 tests.

For petes sakes.  Friggin' friggin'.. Geezus!  Jose Baez's line of questioning gives me such a headache!  You know, I try to have an open mind.  As I listen to these testimonies, I start off believing nothing.  After about 20 minutes, my head is starting to ache.  Baez has been jumping all over the place...talking about training logs in 2008, then 2005, then back to swearing to 2008 (but eliminating 2 instances that he didn't wanna talk about, cuz it was incriminating for Casey).   I thought I was the only one with a mooshed up brain until the officer told Baez that he was jumping all over the place and that his questioning was confusing.

I say to Jose... STOP THE MADNESS!  Get a grip!  Otherwise, my reactions are going to be the jurors reactions... pissed off with a headache.

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