Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today is the first of three days this week that Casey Anthony gets to sit in a courtroom and hear how scientific and cadaver dog evidence should be used against her by the State of Florida's prosecution.  Her defense attorneys are trying to get all of this evidence thrown out, saying that it's "junk evidence".

The K9/Cadaver dog testimony revolved around the July 17th - 18th when K9/cadaver dogs were brought in to smell around Casey's car and her parents' backyard.  As the prosecution's expert witnesses (FBI & detectives) testified today, the dog(s) "hit" on a few key areas.  They said that this type of alerting was due to the probability of a decomposing body having been there.  The "hits" included  several areas around Casey's little white car and her parents' backyard.  Casey's defense brought in expert witnesses of their own, one of which tried to explain that K9/cadaver dogs are just "tools" in an investigation, and the idea of them "hitting" or "alerting" of decomposing bodies is not what should be concluded by the dogs' alerts.  Their stance was that the dogs could be alerting to something other than a decomposing body.  Maybe some rotten pizza or dead squirrel perhaps? LOL.

The Scientific evidence testimony centered around a piece of hair that was found in Casey's car trunk.  The prosecution's witness, a young dark-haired FBI lady agent, testified that the hair was tested and came back as being from a dead body.  She said that the tests also concluded the hair came from Caylee's dead body as she laid in the trunk of Casey's car.   The defense tried to get the FBI agent to say that the "death band" around the hair's root/shaft, could have been darkened by some other means, such as being immersed in water for several months.  When the FBI agent failed to waiver, the defense attorney kept trying to ask the same question in other ways, to try to get the agent to trip up and admit that there could be another reason for the death band. She kept asking the same question, but in different formats, but the FBI agent stood firm.  After watching this go on for a while, the prosecution objected and the judge agreed.  The defense attorney tried to explain her way out of her continued line of questioning but that didn't go over so well either.  In the end, the judge got pissed off and demanded that the defense attorney stop.  She finally shut up.

As I watched the defense's attorneys cross-examining prosecution witnesses, and getting their own witnesses to say things in Casey's defense, I started to fall asleep.  It seemed that these testimonies just went on and on.  I started getting bored since I have a technical/to-the-point state of mind, and just wanted them all to just get to the point of the matter.   Doesn't look like that's what's gonna happen in this trial.  There's gonna be a lot of jockeying for position by the defense, so to try to keep Casey out of prison and away from the death penalty.

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