Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Another tragic day for Casey Anthony, as she sits in her jail cell alone... all alone.  Yesterday we saw tears flow from Casey's once cold-set eyes.  After over two years of solitude and outside world bashing, she felt a small wave of warmth from the court judge, Judge Perry, who fought for her right of a fair trial.  Judge Perry angrily shut down multiple news organizations, who filed an emergency motion for the right to have advance notice of where Casey's trial jurors will be chosen from.  His words were stern towards these newspeople's attorney, as she fought for their right to know.

I agreed with the judge's ruling.  I agree with him, that we need to protect what we can in order for Casey to have a fair, impartial trial.  I was a bit stunned when he expressed his concern that Casey's trial may overshadow O.J.'s Simpson's trial, in publicity and one-sidedness against her.  I suppose that is true.  I mean, OJ had many more supporters than Casey does at this point in time.  It appears to me that over 90% of people who are aware of the facts surrounding Casey's murder trial, are against her.  How could you not be?  I mean a little girl, just shy of her 3rd birthday, was killed and tossed into the woods with duct tape over her little mouth to rot.  Which she did.  That's more than tragic. It's sickening.

So jury selection begins next Monday, May 9th.  Jurors from an unknown location will start filing into a courtroom to be interrogated by the attorneys for the prosecution and Casey's defense team.

Will the prosecution put up a picture of Caylee throughout the trial?  Will the defense object to that, citing prejudice?  I mean, by seeing a picture of a toddler who was horribly murdered, staring at you from a cardboard poster board, instead of dancing around in her tutu, one would want to find someone, anyone, guilty of taking away her right to live.  My guess is that no photo, no poster board will be displayed of Caylee... at least not until near the end of the trial.  But we will just have to wait and see, won't we.

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