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As jury selection for the Casey Anthony trial continues, here are the current stats on jurors who have been put through questioning by the defense and prosecution attorneys on this trial:

7 potential jurors have been questioned (since the beginning).
1 juror has been excused (for cause because a juror would not get paid by his employer and he would incur financial hardship because of this).
1 booted by defense (due to juror's feeling that mitigating circumstances such as age and employment history should not be taken into consideration for penalty phase, and mis-stating his prior DUI as not being a criminal conviction...he had answered "No" to 'whether he had ever been arrested/convicted of a crime'.  His answer to the judge for this mis-statement was that he didn't consider his DUI conviction as a criminal conviction.  Judge Perry understood his confusion and did not boot him out as per Jose Baez's request to do so.  Therefore, Jose Baez used one of his pre-emptory challenges to kick this guy off the jury pool. (Hence the defense is now down to 9 remaining challenges. Some people are stating that they believe this juror was a possible "stealth" juror due to his interest in sensational crimes and having been part of publishing reviews on crime movies & comic books).

Current status of jurors who have been moved onto the next phase:
5 jurors have made it through the 1st line of questioning.  The breakdown is as follows:
3 men 
2 woman.

Right now they have moved onto the next juror, who is currently explaining why he is against the death penalty.  The prosecution is questioning him right now, trying to see how strong his opinion is on the subject matter.  His feelings is that God is the only one who should impose a 'death penalty'.
Prosecution: "Can you set aside your feelings, as set by the law, to impose a death penalty sentence?"  
Juror sighs...and says "Um, I don't know."
Prosecution tries again... "In order to be a juror, you have to take an oath to follow the law.  Could you take the oath to follow the law, even if it conflicts with your own strong personal belief?"
Juror: "Yes".
Prosecution: "Good.  From what you are telling me, you will be able to be able to pass a sentence of death as per the law".
Juror reluctantly answered, sadly: "Yes".
Prosecution: "Thank you."

Judge moved onto the next phase of questioning of this juror, which is Veux Dire (French translation: "Want to say").

The prosecution continued asking questioning.  Juror has 2 children, boy (9 year old) and girl (4 year old).  Juror has never served on a jury before.  Juror has been a victim of a crime.  His car was broken into; but was not a victim of a violent crime.  Has lived in Pinellas county all his life. Has visited Orlando for trip to Disneyworld.  His wife is a nurse.

The defense juror 1019:  "Do you think there might be pressure from you if you found Casey Anthony not guilty from your community?"
Juror: "No"
Defense:" Do you think that the state has the burden of proof ... do you agree with that?"
Juror: "Yes"
Defense:  Do you think that the defense should prove that the defendant is innocent?
Juror: No.
Defense: "If you had to return a verdict right now.  What would your verdict be?"
Juror: "I would not be able to judge her.."
Defense:" Would you find her innocent?"
Juror: "Yes"
Defense: If the judge instructs you that if a policeman takes the stand, that you should not give that witness's testimony anymore weight than any other, could you follow that instruction?"
Juror: "Yes".

Prosecution and Defense have no challenges on keeping this juror in the pool.  Next juror please...

Juror count UPDATE at 1:54pm (pst):

10 prospective jurors have been questioned
1 has been excused
1 was booted by defense (down to 9 challenges)


8 are moving on through, which consist of:
4 men
4 women

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