Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Judge Perry has just broken for lunch, but before leaving he stated that he plans to start Casey Anthony's trial on Monday, May 23rd at 9am. That is, of course, if they've selected a jury by then.  Plans are to continue interviewing potential jurors today thru Saturday.

Judge Perry is pretty adamant about staying on the "Perry Plan" which is intended to move along the selection process.  So far, he hasn't really stepped in to tell attorneys to hurry it up while they are questioning potential jurors, but he does state that time is of the essence when there are no jurors seated in the courtroom.

So, they've just broken for an early lunch in Florida, and will be back at 1pm (est).

Current juror stats, as of 8:25am (pst) are:

Strikes remaining: 1 Def, 3 State

Jurors through: 11
6 women
5 men

Current selected jury member #'s selected and sex are: 1007 female 1019 male 1025 male 1055 female 1319 female 1340 male 1398 female 1429 female 3015 female 3185 male 3308 male.

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