Friday, May 20, 2011


After eleven days of questioning potential jurors, we finally have our jury (and alternates) ready to go for the Casey Anthony murder trial.

It was touch and go there for a while, but Judge Perry held onto the reigns tightly and he did it, although it is a week later than he had intended it to be.  None the less, we have a jury that consists of seven women and five men.  A jury consultant for one of the major TV stations in Florida said that the fact that there are more women than men on this jury is not good for Casey, being that women are more sensitive when it comes to caring for children.  However, after watching the questioning that was done by both prosecution and defense attorneys, I believe that they've got a really fair group for this jury.  Even though there are more women on the jury, the Defense got a couple of jurors who could be of benefit for Casey. This includes one male juror who is against the death penalty, and another one female juror who said that she doesn't feel comfortable judging people.  Her opinion is that God should be the one who should stand in judgement with regards to the death penalty.

We also saw another glimpse of Casey Anthony's true personality this afternoon when a 25 year old, New Jersey born, single male juror, a carpenter, came into the courtroom and was answering the attorneys' questions.  As time went on, this juror became more relaxed with his answers,  sometimes prefacing them with phrases like "Sweet", "It is what it is" and "Go for it".  He also stated that his main hobby was playing video games (remember Casey's last boyfriend, Tony Lazarro was into video games).  Even though we cannot see what jurors look like on camera, my guess is that this guy is probably good looking, and Casey's type.  Reason is two-fold, 1) he sounded like a 'cool dude', like you'd like to hang around him, and 2) Casey's flirtatious reaction when defense attorney, Cheney Mason, jokingly said that he wanted to switch places with him since this guy lives at home and has no bills to pay.  As Cheney pretended to go towards the juror to switch places with him, the true Casey appeared.  She flashed the guy a big smile and laughed.  Later on, the juror stated that he wasn't interested in forensic sciences; that it wasn't "his cup of tea".  At that point, Casey lowered her head, put her hand over her mouth, looked down and then... wait... oh there it is... she looked up, covered her mouth and giggled.  At that moment, it looked like she was at some social event, and wanted this guy to know that she liked him.  She just couldn't control herself.  He was just too cute!  This was juror #4192 (now seated as an alternate juror).

Trial officially starts Tuesday, May 24th at 9:00am.  I am so looking forward to watching opening statements!

The following juror numbers have been placed with their assigned seat: Seat 1 #1398, Seat 2 #1019, Seat 3 #1055, Seat 4 #1319, Seat 5 #1429, Seat 6 #1025, Seat 7 #1007, Seat 8 #3015, Seat 9 #3185, Seat 10 #3310, Seat 11 #3016, and Seat 12 #3140.
The alternates are: Alt 1 #3093, Alt 2 #3170, Alt 3 #4013, Alt 4 #4192, and Alt 5 #3308.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know they finally found a jury. I was wondering if they ever would.I too am interested in opening statements and I am sure we will see Casey pull out the tears.