Saturday, May 14, 2011


It's Saturday and we're in court in the Casey Anthony case.  As we break for lunch, the morning has brought in about 9 jurors, most of which were excused for "Cause".

I came in on the last part of the questioning of a potential juror man, who was excused for "Cause" due to his posting on Facebook of the judge's jury orders. Whoops.

The next juror, a very articulate lady, was also excused for "Cause".  When Judge Perry asked her if she had formed any opinions on this case, she answered that she had.  Her feelings were that she felt that Casey had something to do with the death of her child.   She told the judge that she could not put aside her opinion that Casey was guilty of some sort of crime due to her actions after Caylee went missing.  She spoke of having lost a child in an automobile accident and helping police with their investigation of what happened.  She felt that it was a parent's most important responsibility to do so.  With Casey's lying to police during this entire case, she felt that Casey had something to do with Caylee's death.  No objections were raised when the judge dismissed her for "Cause".

Final juror before the lunch break was a quick one.  He brought in a note from his employer saying that he would not be paid for the length of the trial.  Result... excused for "Cause".

Prior to lunch break, Judge Perry told the attorneys that next week we'll be moving to the "Perry Plan".  He continued to say that this means that once they've found 15 jurors, he plans to swear them in.  He noted to the attorneys that they can still use their pre-emtory challenges prior to his swearing in the jurors, and that it could end up being a race between their last challenges and the actual swearing in of jurors.

Ooh... sounds like we're gonna have some real action next week.

As of 1:30 pm (PST)

27 prospective jurors have been questioned
15 have been excused
2 have been struck (1 defense, 1 state)

Of the jurors who have made it thru to the next phase, 10 have made it thru.  
This consists of:
5 men
5 women.

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