Thursday, May 26, 2011


As Casey Anthony's trial continued today, we saw George Anthony's heated testimony exchange with Jose Baez, we saw a young lady testify how Casey lied in front of her and bragged about her lying abilities, and then Tony Lazzaro revealed that Casey told him that her brother tried to "feel her up" and her father "hit her".  When asked by the judge, for all specific details that he could remember from what Casey said, he said that was all he could remember.

We also heard from another former boyfriend of Casey's, Ricardo Morales, who had to answer the question of why he posted a picture of a elegantly dressed woman and man, with the caption "Win her over with Chloroform" on his Facebook page.  He responded that he "thought it was funny".  He also testified that while he was dating Casey, he had visited the Anthony home with Casey one time.  He said that the only time he saw Casey "discipline" Caylee was when she was trying to get Caylee to go to sleep.  Another interesting tidbit of information was revealed by Ricardo when he testified that Casey had slept over at his apartment while her then-boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro, was out of town (on June 7, 9th and 10th).  Caylee was with them during those nights too, and Casey slept in between Ricardo and Caylee.


When Jose Baez started his cross-examination questioning of Tony Lazzaro this morning, Tony looked much more somber than he did yesterday, especially when the questioning him focused on Casey's love for him,  his love for her, and how he observed Casey being a good mother to Caylee.  AsTony was testifying how Caylee was a sweet kid, Casey smiled sadly and was shaking her head in agreement.

Jose directed Tony during cross-examination to testify that when he helped Casey with the gas cans in late June 2008, that he never smelled any bad odor.  The only odor he smelled was gasoline.

Prosecutors came back to re-direct, and Tony testified that Casey never indicated that Caylee was missing, never said that she was kidnapped, nor that there was any trouble whatsoever.

Then prosecutors brought George Anthony back to the stand.  Questioning centered on the gas cans and duct tape.  The prosecution directed George to testify how Casey had stolen the gas cans from George's garden shed.  He testified about a time when Casey came to the Anthony home, in late June 2008, and he asked to get an item from Casey's car trunk.  As he was going to get it, Casey rushed by him and opened the trunk, took out the item, giving it to him as well as the two missing gas cans, and said to George "Here are your fucking cans!" (George apologized that he had to swear, as he relayed what Casey said, on the stand).

There were several times when Jose Baez tried to get George Anthony upset on the stand, but George stood his ground.  A few times, George asked Jose not to "badger" him with his questioning.  George also asked Jose to clarify his questions at times, saying that Jose was trying to get him upset, saying that that was "not fair", and to "treat me with respect and I'll treat you with respect".  He was very careful with his responses to Jose's questioning about the gas cans and duct tape that was on the gas cans.  Reason being that initially there were two metal gas cans that were taken from his shed.  George needed gas for his lawnmower, so he ended up buying two plastic gas cans.  When Jose asked about duct tape on the gas cans, the questioning was further confused when there was a photograph, which was not allowed into evidence, which supposedly the FBI showed George (in Jose Baez's presence) during an interrogation meeting.  During today's testimony, George told Jose that this photograph of a gas can with duct tape was a different gas can with duct tape than the one he had (the duct tape was bigger).

Jose's questioning of George received a number of sustained objections by the prosecution.  It got so bad that the attorneys went to a sidebar with Judge Perry.   Then Jose continued his questioning of George, and referred to those photographs in his questions to George.  After multiple objections relating to the inadmissibility of these photographs by the prosecution, the judge asked the jury to leave the courtroom. Once the jury left the courtroom, Judge Perry scolded Jose, telling him that he could not refer to a photograph that was not in evidence.  He looked right at Jose and said "How many times do I have to tell...?"  Afterwards, the jury returned and questioning resumed.


Prosecutors introduced a young lady Melissa England, who was a former girlfriend of a guy friend of Casey's, who testified how Casey bragged to her about being such a good liar.  She described an event when she was with Casey and Casey was on her cell phone in the car.  Casey told her caller that she could not meet up with them because her car broke down.  When she hung up, she testified that Casey said "I'm such a good liar", and she tossed her cell phone onto the car dashboard.

Several other witnesses were called to the stand by the prosecution, including a friend of Casey's who used to live at the Sawgrass Apartments, which was the complex that Casey pointed out as being the place she last saw Caylee (and where her nanny, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez lived).  All witnesses were asked by the prosecution if Casey told them about Caylee being kidnapped.  All said no.

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