Thursday, May 19, 2011


Glimpses of the real Casey Anthony showed up in court today.  As Casey was walking out of the court, for a  break, she passed Jose Baez and started arguing with him, throwing her hands up as she walked by.  She was moved along by the police officer (who has responsibility of watching over her in court) on out to the holding cell.  Yikes!  I guess Jose is now getting the wrath that Casey's parents were the prior recipients of.   And then after that episode, when she got back into court, she sat down with a female attorney between her and Jose.  She's showing him, huh, LOL.

My guess is that Jose isn't "towing the line" as Casey wants it towed.  My gosh, how does one continue to represent a defendant who is acting like a bitchy boss?

Another glimpse of the real Casey was evident when a female juror broke down on the stand as she explained how she had heard, in the news, how poor little Caylee's remains were found, with duct tape covering her mouth and nose.  Casey just looked at her, with a cold/stoic look. Yep...that's the real Casey.

The only time Casey cries is when she is feeling hurt/scared for herself.  Case in point, when the charges are read, and it's about Casey and her having to possibly serve prison time, she cries.  When a juror said that she was feeling sympathy, or was praying for Casey, tears welled in Casey's eyes.  However any time horrible things are described that possibly happened in Caylee's death, there's no reaction from Casey.  If that isn't a sign of a real psychopath, I don't know what is.

So, it looks like the trial is going to start next week.  Judge Perry has 14 jurors today, hoping to swear in 12 jurors tomorrow, Friday at 3pm (est).  And then he is scheduling starting the trial early next week.

One last interesting point made by Cheney Mason was that he, and the other defense attorneys, are basically working pro-bono.  That explains how the defense is getting paid.  More than likely on the back-end, when they all write their own books about the trial.  That's their million dollar paydays.  They just have to deal with Casey, cuz as her dad George Anthony said...'she's the boss'.

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