Wednesday, May 11, 2011


OUCH!  During today's jury selection for Casey Anthony, a young man(Jonathan Green w/Publix) tried to get out of jury duty by approaching a news reporter and voiced his desire to be excused from jury duty.  His defense... "I don't know... I didn't know I did anything wrong....uh....".  Judge Perry's found him guilty of contempt of court.  The judge decided not to imprison him ("at this time") but did fine him $450, which was allowed to be paid at a rate of $50/month.

As Judge Perry explained his rights to appeal, "Sir... you have the right to appeal...", the cameras zoomed out and all of the world got to see this idiot's face.  Have to say that he was nicely dressed... NOT!  Greasy hair, ugly green t-shirt.

After sentencing, Jonathan Green was shown being escorted by Sheriff's deputies behind where Casey's lawyers were sitting.  He lowered his head, shaking it in disbelief at how he'd been caught red-handed.

Bad move Jonathan.  Better luck next time.

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