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This morning's testimony was the most dramatic, heart-wrenching testimony seen so far.  We heard three 911 tapes, and saw Cindy Anthony crumble on the witness stand as she relived the first day of learning that little Caylee was missing.

Cindy Anthony resumed her testimony today about how Casey lied to her, then about her MySpace posting where she tried to get Casey to get in touch with her, and then she testified about going to the tow yard to retrieve Casey's car.  At one point, the prosecution asked Cindy if George had ever inquired as to Casey's whereabouts, and she answered yes, that George asked about Casey daily, but that she was the one who told him to "back off", because Casey needed her space during that time.

Cindy then testified about the day she found Casey.  She described finding Casey with Amy Huizenga's help.  She found Casey at Tony Lazzaro's apartment. After finding her, she made Casey come with her, and then Cindy drove off with Casey and Amy. After dropping Amy off at her home, Cindy resumed asking Casey where Caylee was and why Casey's car was at the tow yard.  Refusing to answer, Casey asked her mom to drive her back to Tony's apartment.  Cindy refused, and saw an Orlando police substation on the way home.  Angry that she wasn't getting any answers, she told Casey that if she didn't take her to Caylee, she was going to get someone else to help her.  When Cindy arrived at the police substation, she saw that it was closed.  When she got back in the car, she told Casey that this was the last time she had to tell her where Caylee was, and when Casey refused again, Cindy said "I wasn't getting the answers I wanted so I called 911".


Over defense attorney Cheney Mason's objections, a CD of the first 911 tape was given by prosecuting attorney Linda Drane-Burdick so it could be played for the jury.

Prior to the tape being played,  Judge Perry told the jury the following: "On July 15th, 2008, Orlando police department received a 911 call from Cindy Anthony.  It is to be considered true.  The evidence you are about to receive thru this 911 call is to be considered by you only as to Cindy's state of mind at the time, not for any alleged criminal activities by the defendant such as stolen car or a bank account.  She is not on trial for a crime, wrong or act that is not in the indictment."   And then the 911 tape started to play for the jury.


As the first 911 tape began playing in the courtroom, CindyAnthony covered her mouth and started to cry.  Defendant Casey Anthony sat stone-faced, staring at the monitor in front of her which was showing a running transcript of the call.   As the 911 tape begins, Cindy starts off by saying that she needs to bring in someone to the police department.

CINDY: "Hi. I drove to a police department that is closed and I have a 22 year old person that stole something; my car and also money".
POLICE DISPATCHER: Is this a relative?
DISPATCHER: What did they steal?
CINDY: My car and money.
DISPATCHER: Is this your son?
CINDY: "Daughter".
Then Cindy tells the dispatcher how her car was taken and that she had affidavits of money being taken from her bank account.  The dispatcher then question Cindy as to where these alleged thefts occurred, trying to figure out what jurisdiction Cindy needed to contact to file the report.  When finding out that the alleged crimes that Cindy is calling about are in the Orlando jurisdiction.  The dispatcher then tells Cindy that he's going to transfer her to another police department.

While waiting for police to transfer her call to the appropriate police department, we hear Cindy tell Casey "My next thing is that we'll have a court order to get her, if that's the way you want to play it... I'm not going to give you another day, I've given you a month."  Cindy is obviously agitated with Casey, who is reacting in a defiant manner to her mother's questioning about Caylee.

Prosecutor LINDA DRANE-BURDICK then asked Cindy: "Mrs. Anthony, did you stay there at that location, on Persian, where you made that call?"
CINDY: No I did not
DRANE-BURDICK (DB): Where did you go from there?
CINDY: They told me to go home or to the side of the road.  I decided to go home.
DB: Did you call George?
DB: Did you call your son Lee??
DB: Did you go back to your residence?
DB: How long did it take you to get there?
CINDY: Just a few minutes, it's only a few miles away.
DB: When you arrived at home, had anyone arrived at your house?
CINDY: When I arrived, Lee was there; that George had called him and that he wanted Lee to be at their house.
DB: Did you see Lee at the house?
CINDY: Yes, he was in the driveway.
DB: When you arrived, did you pull into the driveway?
CINDY: Yes, I eventually drove into the driveway.
DB: Did everyone go into the house?
CINDY: Yes. Casey immediately jumped out of the car and went into the house. Lee followed her, and I parked the car and followed them.
DB: Once you got there, what did you tell Lee?
CINDY: I told him what had happened, and Casey refused to tell me where Caylee was.
DB: Did you go to the police station at this point?
CINDY: No. Talking to Lee, he thought that if we sat down together, he wanted to try to talk to her to get some answers.
DB: Did the two of them speak together?
CINDY: The three of us were in a six foot proximity of each other, so we could all see each other and speak to each other.
DB: Did you continue to insist that you wanted to see Caylee then and there.
CINDY: Yes. Casey kept saying that Caylee would probably already asleep and she didn't want to be disturb her and we could get her the next day.  I didn't care if it disrupted Caylee's sleep, I wanted to see her.  Casey kept insisting that she didn't want to get her that night.  When Casey refused, I was getting more upset, but allowed Lee to speak with his sister alone, and I made another call to 911.


In this tape, Cindy is now telling 911:  "I have someone here that I need to have be arrested in my home.  I finally found my daughter after a month, but I can't find my granddaughter who has been missing since June 30th ... I want my daughter arrested for stealing money and a car.  I called earlier and was told to call again".

During this call, Cindy is composed and obviously angry with her daughter and is looking for help from the police, in order to find Caylee.

Dispatcher: How old is your daughter?
Cindy: 22.
Dispatcher: What is her name?
Cindy: Casey Anthony.
Dispatcher: And your name?
Cindy: Cynthia Anthony.
Dispatcher: Phone number?
Cindy: 407-808-4731.
Dispatcher: And you said you have the vehicle back?
Cindy: Yes.
Dispatcher: Casey's there right now?
Cindy: Yes, but we can't find our granddaughter.
Dispatcher: How tall is Casey?
Cindy: 5'1 1/2.
Dispatcher: Thin or medium built?
Cindy: Thin.
Dispatcher: Hair color?
Cindy: Brown.
Dispatcher: What color shirt is she wearing?
Cindy: White.
Dispatcher: What color pants?
Cindy: They're shorts, Pink and black plaid.
Dispatcher: Does she have any weapons on her?
Cindy: No.
Dispatcher: Is Casey not telling you where her daughter is?
Cindy: Correct.
Dispatcher: Ok, we'll have a deputy out to you as soon as one is available.


Judge Perry reiterated to the jury: "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this tape should only be considered by you for Cindy Anthony's state of mind and excited utterance. Not for any other crimes that are not in the indictment.  Remember the defendant is not on trial for a crime, wrong or act that is not in the indictment."

Linda Drane-Burdick continued questioning Cindy.

LB: Did the police arrive to your house?
CINDY: Not fast enough.
LB: How long did it take them?
CINDY: It seemed to take forever.
LB: Did you try to get Casey to talk to you further?
CINDY: I was pacing back and forth, from the hallway to the livingroom to Casey's room, cuz I was getting angrier and upset as I was waiting for the police.
LB: Is Lee Anthony in the room with Casey?
CINDY: Yes, they were both in her room, she was sitting on her bed and Lee was leaning up against her dresser.
LB: At any point, did you overhear Casey make a statement to her brother about Caylee whereabouts.  CINDY: Yes... (Cindy is sobbing), I  overheard her tell Lee that Caylee was gone for 31 days and that the Zanny had taken her.(Cindy is now sobbing uncontrollably).
LB: How did you respond to that?
CINDY: "I lost it. I asked her "What do you mean she's been gone? Why didn't you tell me? I swore at her and hit the bed.  I ran out of  there and called the police again." (Cindy continues to sob).


As the 911 tapes begins, we hear Cindy sobbing on phone.  As soon as the dispatcher answers the call, she starts rambling off everything and the dispatcher asks her to slow down and explain why she is calling.

CINDY: I called a little while ago, and my daughter finally admitted to me that the babysitter stole her.  I need someone here NOW! (Cindy then tells her address). My daughter finally admitted to me that the babysitter stole her!
Dispatcher: Your granddaughter is where?
(Looking at Cindy on the witness stand, she has her head in her hands, and is sobbing.  Casey looks at her mother, and the monitor that is running transcripts from the 911 call, and has a sad look on her face).

CINDY:"I need to find her!"
DISPATCHER: "You daughter admitted that the baby is where?"
CINDY: "That the babysitter took her a month ago;  my daughter has been looking for her. I told you that my daughter has been missing for a month; I just found her today but I can't find my granddaughter. She just admitted to me that she's been trying to find her herself..."

(Cindy's head has now sunken down below the top of the witness stand. She continues to sob as she listens to the following infamous, riveting WORDS FOREVER ASSOCIATED WITH THE CASEY ANTHONY CASE:

CINDY: "There's something wrong, I found my daughter's call today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damned car.

Continuing on the phone, the 911 dispatcher asks: "What is the baby's name?"
CINDY: Caylee Anthony
DISPATCHER: Is she white, black or Hispanic?
CINDY: White
DISPATCHER: How long has she been missing for?
CINDY: I have not seen her since the 7th of June.
DISPATCHER: What is her date of birth?
CINDY: 8/9/2005, oh my god she's three.  (We hear Cindy is sobbing on the phone).  She then says "George, Caylee's missing! (Then you hear George in the background say What?). Cindy tells George: "Caylee's missing! Casey that that Zanny took her a month ago.  She's been missing for a month!."

(As we look at Cindy on the witness stand, her head has sunk even lower than it was before as she continues to sob, to the point we can hardly see but a little bit of her blond hair behind the witness stand.  As we look at Casey, she's wiping tears away as she listens and looks at her monitor).

On the 911 tape, Cindy is now hysterical and the dispatcher asks to speak with Casey. We hear Cindy tell Casey to get on the phone with the dispatcher. Casey says "I don't want to talk to them.  Cindy then says "Answer their questions" and then Casey gets on the phone, but she sounds a bit annoyed.

911 DISPATCHER: Hello? Can you tell me what's going on a bit.
CASEY answers, in a calm, matter-of-fact tone of voice: "My daughter has been missing for the last 31 days.
DISPATCHER: And you know who has her?
CASEY: I know who has her. I tried to contact her, I actually just received a phone call from her today now from a number that is no longer in service. I did speak to my daughter for a moment. (In the courtroom, Cindy's head is still buried behind the witness stand. Casey looks at her monitor with a sad look on her face).

911 DISPATCHER: Did you guys call to report a vehicle stolen?
CASEY: Um, yes, my mom did.
DISPATCHER: Ok, is there a vehicle stolen too?
CASEY: No, it's my vehicle.
DISPATCHER: What vehicle was stolen?
CASEY: Um, It's a 98 Pontiac Sunfire.

DISPATCHER: We have deputies on their way for that. Now your three year old is missing, Caylee Anthony, white female, 3 years old, 8/9/2005 is her date of birth.
DISPATCHER: And you last saw her a month ago?
CASEY: 31 days ago. It's been 31 days.
DISPATCHER: Who has her? Do you have a name?
CASEY: Her name is Zenida Fernandez Gonzalez.
DISPATCHER: Who's that?  Babysitter?
CASEY: She's been my nanny for about a year and a half. (Cindy is still hidden behind the witness stand she's at).
DISPATCHER: Why didn't you call earlier?
CASEY: I've been looking for her and going thru other resources to find her, which is stupid.
The DISPATCHER asked Casey to spell the nanny's name for her.
CASEY spells it out : ZENIDA FERNANDEZ-GONZALEZ.  Casey then tells the dispatcher that the police officers have arrived at the home.

The 911 tape is stopped. Cindy then lifts her head and asked the judge for a break.  Judge Perry called for a 5 minute recess.  Cindy had to be helped off the stand by one of the attorneys, and then was held by her husband george as they walked out the courtroom.

Wow!  Watching both mother and daughter in the courtroom, there was such a stark contrast between the emotional state between Cindy and Casey today.  Cindy was a sobbing, distraught woman and Casey appeared to sympathize at times, and then other times she appeared to be a courtroom observer. You wonder, how can someone do this to her mother?  How could they put their mother through this agony of not telling them where their granddaughter is, even if she had drowned as the defense is claiming.

After Cindy left, again without looking in Casey's direction, Casey started talking to her attorneys.


The jailhouse call tape was the next to be played for the jury.  It was recorded right after Casey was arrested and put in jail on July 16th, 2008.  During that time, Cindy and the rest of the family were busy speaking with media, and contacting all of Casey's friends, in order to get the word out on Caylee missing.

The call starts off with an automated recording indicating that it was a collect call from Casey at the Orlando County jail at 11:16pm.  We then hear Cindy Anthony's accept the charges and the call begins.  Cindy answers sweetly and Casey is pissed off.


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