Thursday, May 12, 2011


Good news!  We now have two jurors who have been selected as good jury options for the Casey Anthony trial.  The bad news... it took over six hours of juror interrogation by attorneys to get these two jurors moved onto the next phase of jury selection.  We've got another 40-50 prospective jurors to get to.

Frustrated by this ridiculously slow pace, Judge Perry told attorneys that time limits will be imposed on such questioning starting tomorrow, Friday.  Otherwise, it would take over three weeks before they would ever sit a jury for the Casey Anthony case.   Upon learning about the judge's upcoming time restrictions, Attorney Cheney Mason (Casey's defense attorney) objected (geezus!), but the judge is sticking to his decision and time limits will be imposed.  Thank god!

Details on jurors selected to move on so far....

The first juror, a company manager, spent over three hours answering questions from pretrial publicity and his thoughts on the death penalty.  Although he's married and a father of a seven year old girl, whom he adores, the defense decided to not use one of their precious ten challenges to throw him this time.  The prosecution also had no objections to this juror, and he was instructed to return to court tomorrow, for further instructions.

The second juror, a newspaper circulation manager, spoke about hearing some pretrial publicity two years ago, and voiced his opinion that the death penalty should be imposed on people such as Osama Bin Landin and people who kill policemen (or any member of his own family), was also accepted to move onto the next phase as a  good option to sit on the jury.

As we move onto our third prospective juror, who has been watching the news on Casey Anthony on TV shows like Nancy Grace on a daily basis, is currently being questioned.  Unlike the previous two jurors, this guy is pretty knowledgable as to the major players in this case, and may not make it to the next round.  He did express that he's since stopped watching these shows once he was instructed to do so by Judge Perry.  I'll let you know what happens with this guy as soon as I hear.

As I understand it,  jurors who pass this phase of questioning by attorneys, that they may still be eliminated at a later time by either side.

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