Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As we trudged along listening to potential jurors' reasons for hardships on why they cannot spend two months sequestered, away from their jobs, families, cats (yes cats!), small children (and older children potential of getting into trouble while parents are away on jury duty for a long period of time... just think about potential parties they could have while parents are away), we now hear of a pool of 50 potential jurors have been tainted by someone talking about Casey Anthony & this case, therefore tainting the ENTIRE jury pool of 50 people, who have now been sent home by Judge Perry.  The fun just keeps being had... NOT!

Anywho... (or is it Anyhoo?)... so the jury selection will start again tomorrow morning. Boring! But a requirement.

And now we have to listen to the attorneys arguing scientific case law and whether evidence should or should not be allowed into trial.  Yawn... what?  No, I'm up...;-)

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